WinZip Pro v17.5 Build 10562 x86/x64 - file compression software FULL VERSION FREE DOWNLOAD

WinZip Pro v17.5 Build 10562 x86/x64 - file compression software FULL VERSION FREE DOWNLOAD
Download WinZip Pro v17.5 Build 10562 x86/x64 - file compression software
One of the oldest software that you can in a Winzip software compression can learn from it.However, since the software is so old that it offers a very long time that has passed since the first version, but with the capability to provide that the present version of the User's the best in the field of able to years to the compression. Zip format is generally found in today'sInternet , and many other items used by the utility is known, however, for those users who are familiar Winzip description of the offer the ability to manage tool application Winzip And the files are compressed, the tool supports different formats of compressed files managed over the years to become one of the first choices, with latest methods of compressing the file size is reduced and the Returns the first case, the high speed occurs only during the few years that have been the most important features of these tools has been observed clearly. Corel Winzip, which was purchased some time ago by a large and powerful company is trying to provide a new version of the WinRAR's main rival in the top of the most again software compactor would. A very interesting feature can be seen in the new version which is far more than a simple compression software, to burn all kinds of CD and the DVD for the managers of web-sites FTP server Upload the direct can be Best about, manually or automatically backup files, supports almost all formats, including Zip and RAR on the Internet and download files extremely useful, allowing the sharing of files online and offline, functionality through the SQL password on secure zip and many other features to mention. One of the most important differences WinRAR or WinZip WinZip reasonably designed user interface that is much more attractive and efficient course, this factor can be one of the most important motivating WinZip to users to use. 

A key feature of the software WinZip Pro: 
- Very high speed compression 
- Unzip the high speed 
- Attractive but simple and efficient user interface 
- Added new features for image compression 
- Easy to manage compressed files 
- Supports most popular format RAR 
- Zip File Sharing 
- Support for new compression methods 
- Compatible with different types of compression formats 
- Ability to burn directly on CDs and DVDs 
- Backup files manually or automatically 
- Securing the password file on 
- Support for different versions of Windows , including popular Windows 7 
- And ... 

There is a feature in the new version of Pro: 
- Reduce the size of images in the 20 to 25 percent 
- Send files via e-mail to other zip 
- The compression of digital camera images simultaneously 
- Support and formats Unzip 7Z, IMG, and ISO 
- Ability to password files on 
- Ability to send to the server via FTP zip together 
- Easier to manage Zip files 
- And ...



WinZip Pro v17.5 Build 10562 x86/x64 - file compression software FULL VERSION FREE DOWNLOAD